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Reg Yates

Camo. The gift that just keeps on giving... Or the annoying girlfriend who won't stop hanging around like a bad smell. Look at it however you want, some things always come back and camouflage is definitely one of them. Keep your favourite camo goods over the years and you'll always find a moment in time to break them out staying en vogue. #NoR&B. Bin them and find yourself rooting through the racks of your favourite smelly vintage market with all the other Fuc Boi's when trend decides its appropriate. 

Maharishi continue to fight the good fight keeping all things army central to their ongoing motif. While avoiding all work related 'Meetings' on a recent trip to Los Angeles I broke out the MHI Zig Zag Tiger stripe, a faithful reproduction of one of the rarest and most desirable tiger stripes originally Produced in South-East Asia during the Vietnam war in a variety of versions, it was initially issued to US Army Special Forces troops who valued its functionality and concealment properties in jungle environments, and regarded it as a kind of status symbol.

US Army Special forces recruited tribal villagers to assist them in the more inhospitable regions of South Vietnam, and issued them with tigerstripe uniforms. One of the rarest and most interesting patterns has been christened the Zig Zag pattern, because of the way the background colours move diagonally across the horizontal black stripes. Legend has it that it also includes a phallic symbol as a sign of bravado for the ethnic tribesmen.

To make matters even cooler, Dennis Hopper’s photojournalist character in Apocalypse Now lived in the Zig Zag and if that isn't reason enough to make the purchase I don't know what is. Get yours HERE.