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Big Boy Toys

Reg Yates

So lets be honest. Bikes are and continue to be annoyingly cool. Cast aside any mental pictures of slightly overweight middle aged men in horrible waterproof Dainese jackets or your teenage self aching for a ‘Ped’ like Jermaine and em.

Levels. There’s something special about any customised Triumph Bonneville T100, something about the original design given a twist, the history, the level of respect from passers by... Lets face it, most big city owners of the T100 wont be going ‘Into the Unknown’ anytime soon so modified Amazon ready machines won’t be common place on your high street.

Aesthetically is this one of my favorite bikes currently in production? Yes. Can I ride the thing? Weighing that much, I doubt it. Am I about to buy one? No comment, the wife’s a reader. If you’re an in two minds nearly there owner like myself, don’t worry about the competition when you come to a stop at the traffic light, the pizza guy isn’t even in your league.