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Loyle Carner

Reg Yates

The best thing you'll hear today... Probably. In 2014 the heartbreaking EP 'A little late' from Carner had everyone in one of the more geeky What’s App groups I bitch, share meme's and music on spazzing over the fresh and brutal honesty of his delivery and story. It doesn’t get more real than someone who looks that young delivering lines this real -  “Everyone says I’m Fucking sad, Course I’m Fucking sad, I miss my Fucking Dad” from stand out track BFG. That was the EP and the album is due this year so cue more honesty and more stunning music. We’re watching, and we’re excited brother Carner. Hit play on his latest visual for the track Florence featuring Kwes on the hook acting as a B Side to the equally as quality Tyranny terrace.


Reg Yates

There’s no escaping the fact it really isn't warm anymore and now is the perfect opportunity to use that cold as an excuse to go all the way in with the layers via the good people at Acne Studios.

Taking the long line silhouette, Acne delivers with the ‘Terek’ in three bold patterns working brilliantly as a layer of pop to sit perfectly below that really expensive jumper you bought in the sale and have been waiting to break out. Just me? Fair enough.

There isn’t much to get excited about as the cold weather approaches, so take a leaf out of my book and embrace the opportunity to work through the many corners of your closet with layers.

With a few examples of clever layering from Acne themselves below, doubters be quiet and get with the program.  


Reg Yates

When word of a moody thriller about child assassins starring Vincent Cassel hits ears the size of mine, a flurry of googling begins that usually leads to a three-minute lap dance for the senses in trailer form. The above teaser acts as exactly that and bats its eyelids parading as a cookie jar like treat sat just high enough and out of reach.

Fortunately, Partisan is screening at this years BFI London Film festival and along with a books worth of other tickets, I have my stub ready and waiting. Ahead of October’s screening, it’s hard to ignore the reviews and murmurs of what is apparently a slow but assured piece of filmmaking in the form of writer director Ariel Kleimans debut feature.

I can not wait to decide for myself and I urge you to seek out a screening for what (based on the trailer) could and should be a dark 90 minutes delving into the brilliantly complicated world of influence, responsibility and youth.