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Run Runner Run

Reg Yates

First of all, not my hand. Second of all, Wow. To say I'm a sneaker fetishist would be an understatement, avid readers of the diary (I SEE YOU) will be very aware by now how seriously I take foot wear and following the pack no longer became an option a long time ago.

The familiar should I or shouldn’t I hover over the BUY NOW button on your favorite online retailer is a usual occurrence in the yates household and the mmmmmayyyyybe internal monologue failed me the minute I found Balenciaga’s Race Runner.

To scoff at the design snorting out Y-3 comparisons would be far too easy and in all honesty, who really cares? A slim design and clean finish with invisible bonding and minimal exterior stitching make for a fresh alternative to the shoe you loved that every biker jacket wearing follower has sullied. The house that Wang continues to redefine pushes further into the sports luxe woods and I for one am very thankful. Get yours now for £405 HERE

Destroy and rebuild

Reg Yates

Renowned British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye continues to raise the bar with inspired public buildings, residential houses, artist studios and exhibition spaces globally created and developed over the past fifteen years. 

receiving the documentary treatment in DAVID ADJAYE – COLLABORATIONS, interviews with collaborators detail the man and his work and can be seen until May 31st as part of the exhibition, “David Adjaye: Form Heft Material” showing at Haus der Kunst, Munich. 

Ejector seat

Reg Yates

Some things will never go out of style and 1970's cool remains unbudging in its staying power. The Omega Sea Master Ploprof is a cult favourite and a piece I fell in love with at a London Watch fair back in 2008. 

The Ploprof had the makings of a classic from the initial design alone. Stranger than most with its lopsided edging and huge red Bond like ejector seat button, this slab of Steel was polarising but not just liked by its fans, it was adored. 

More than just a piece built to raise eyebrows, this bold incarnation of The Sea Master became an integral piece of kit for divers the world over including the legendary Jacques Cousteau himself. This is wrist ware royalty. 

With a short lived existence, The Ploprof has become incredibly collectable and continues to sit centre stage of Rolex/Omega debates. With a reworked Ploprof returning to shelves in 2009 a new legion of fans have emerged, but as a fan of all things storied, I'm happy with my vintage chunk of metal.